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The "Baladas de Praia" is a serie of pieces inspired by tropical coastal landscapes. According to Carelli, the inspiration came when, visiting a remote beach far from urban Rio de Janeiro area, in 1987, he felt "an unspeakable peace in the sunset in a wide empty beach, listening the calm waves lapping the shore, felling the warm sea breeze on the face..."


The first Beach Ballad is a song for voice and piano composed by Roberto Carelli in 1988. After some years, Carelli wrote lyrics in portuguese, adding to the song the subtitle "Nas ondas do Mar" (On the sea waves). Melody, harmony and rhythm evoke the composer's fellings on that bucolic beach scenes.

Watch below some performances of Balada de Praia No.1, recorded live in 2015.




CONCERT March 9, 2015


Performed by:

Nivaldo Tavares (piano)

Rodrigo Alencastre (cello I)

Roberto Carelli (cello II)






CONCERT October, 2015


Performed by:

Martin Fernandez (tenor)

Nivaldo Tavares (piano)

Rodrigo Alencastre (cello)




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